Pop Crimes (180gm Vinyl Reissue)

Rowland S. Howard was one of the most distinctive and influential musicians Australia has ever produced. With his Fender Jaguar guitar, he created a sonic language of often sharp, brutal intensity while winning hearts with soul-baring lyrics laced with love, heartbreak, and longing.
By his death in 2009, Rowland’s career was truly international and had spanned 34 years, spawning countless notable collaborations, and leaving a blazing legacy that continues to inspire artists and musicians today.

'Pop Crimes' is Rowland’s second solo album, originally released in 2009, not long prior to his untimely passing. The 8 sublime tracks on 'Pop Crimes' reinforce the legacy of this preternaturally gifted artist, and further prove why his records are so treasured amongst indie music critics and fans alike.

Shipping: $13.2 International: $62.95


  • 1. (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny
  • 2. Shut Me Down
  • 3. Life's What You Make It
  • 4. Pop Crimes


  • 1. Nothin
  • 2. Wayward Man
  • 3. Ave Maria
  • 4. The Golden Age of Bloodshed

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