The Reels (Red Vinyl)

Forty years after the joyous, angular synth-pop of ‘Love Will Find A Way’ disrupted the rock-pop status quo of Countdown, The Reels still sound like nothing else on earth. ‘Prefab Heart’ was an instant classic and cemented their name as Dubbo renegades, as Dave Mason and Craig Hooper pushed the poptastic front line of the new wave revolution. The Reels have been cited by rock historian Ian McFarlane as “one of the most original and invigorating pop bands to emerge from the Australian New Wave movement of the late 1970s”.

This unique vinyl EP distillation of The Reels’ game-changing 1979 debut album features both ‘Love Will Find A Way’ and ‘Prefab Heart’, plus four more classic The Reels tracks, all re-mastered by Don Bartley. Pressed on red vinyl, with original artwork re-created by Libby Blainey, this is an indispensable souvenir of a truly pioneering moment in music history.

Shipping: $14.4 International: $61.95

Side A

01. Prefab Heart
02. Misused Abused
03. Baby's In The Know

Side B

01. Love Will Find A Way
02. Plastic Pop
03. Spot The Ridge

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