Vika & Linda (Limited Red Vinyl & BONUS 2021 Calendar)

Vika and Linda Red Vinyl

Continuing an outstanding, against-all-odds year in 2020 led by their June ARIA #1 career collection ‘Akilotoa: Anthology 1994-2006 and followed by the ARIA #2 album Sunday (The Gospel According To Iso) in September, Bloodlines Music is proud to announce the long-awaited reissue of their breakthrough debut album from 1994, on pristine red vinyl.

In 1994, after six years and three classic albums with The Black Sorrows, touring Australia relentlessly and the world multiple times, recording with Archie Roach, Paul Kelly, Deborah Conway, Hunters and Collectors and John Farnham, Vika & Linda took to the driver’s seat and released their debut album. Produced by Paul Kelly and simply titled Vika and Linda, it was “a magnificent collection of rock, pop, gospel, reggae and ballads.” (Stuart Coupe, 1994).

“These ladies are blessed with marvellous voices – that’s no secret” said Andrew Watt in June of that year, “but more importantly they exude a pure joy in their singing that it’s impossible not to be caught up in their euphoria. Quite simply listening to this album makes you feel good and you just can’t ask for more than that.”

Ed St. John from Rolling Stone Australia wrote "It's the simplest of ideas: take two of Australia's best singers, find them a bunch of great original songs, and then put them in the studio with a sympathetic producer and the best band you can muster. Not surprisingly, the results here are frequently exceptional. Beautifully played - with an accent on subtle arrangements and largely acoustic instruments - the album is imbued with a warm inner glow and a genuine musical depth. Perhaps because of the contributions of such a broad diversity of writers - and thanks also to the fact that Vika and Linda Bull possess strikingly different voices - the album moves effortlessly across a spectrum of styles but, for the most part, is a very laid-back, often country-flavoured affair. Still, far from getting bogged down in a single groove, Vika and Linda is a real feast.”

Featuring songs written for them by significant writers including Paul Kelly, Stephen Cummings and Tim Rogers as well as their own co-written compositions with Kelly, Vika and Linda was a Top 10 album, achieved platinum status, and signposted the beginning of their long and storied career. Now on vinyl for the very first time, this is an essential album for lovers of the sisters’ rich harmonies paired with classic Australian songwriting.

“I’m a huge fan,” declares Mark Seymour, who wrote the debut single for Vika & Linda, ‘When Will You Fall For Me’. “They believe in music – which is a rare thing – and they’ve endured.”

INCLUDES 2021 Spiral Bound Calendar!
Featuring photos, artwork and mementos from the era of the Vika and Linda release.

Limited Red Vinyl & 2021 Calendar: Limited stock, when it's gone, it's gone!!

Shipping: $16.95 International: $62.95


1. Hard Love

2. When Will You Fall For Me

3. House Of Love

4. Gone Again

5. We've Started A Fire

6. I Didn't Know Love Could Be Mine


1. Sacred Things

2. Love This Time

3. Ninety Nine Years

4. I Know Where To Go To Feel Good

5. These Hands

6. The Blue Hour

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