Get Born (Limited Edition Vinyl Reissue)

One of the greatest and most successful debut Australian albums of all time, Jet's 'Get Born' now comes reissued on vinyl!

Jet quickly conquered the world after forming in 2001, selling more than 6.5 million albums globally and securing 10 x Platinum certification in Australia and Platinum in the USA and UK for their debut album 'Get Born.'

Shipping: $7.99 International: $21.99


  1. Last Chance 
  2. Are You Gonna Be My Girl 
  3. Rollover D.J. 
  4. Look What You've Done 
  5. Get What You Need 
  6. Move On 
  7. Radio Song 


  1. Get Me Outta Here 
  2. Cold Hard Bitch 
  3. Come Around Again 
  4. Take It Or Leave It 
  5. Lazy Gun 
  6. Timothy

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