The Peel Sessions (2LP 180g Vinyl)

UK radio DJ John Peel had a massively influential show on BBC Radio 1 from 1967 to his death in 2004, often having bands come into the studio to record exclusive performances for his show. Seminal Australian post-punk band The Birthday Party recorded four separate Peel Sessions on 10 September 1980, 21 April 1981, 2 December 1981 and 15 November 1982. Each session consisted of four tracks. These recordings have never been officially released in this configuration.

2LP set (4 sides x 4 tracks) of every Peel Session the band recorded.

Pressed on 180 gram vinyl at Pallas in Germany, one of the world’s best record pressing plants.

Never before officially released in this configuration, with all of the sessions compiled together.

Brand new art created especially for this release.

Produced in conjunction and with the full cooperation of the band.

Shipping: $8 International: $36.95

3.Figure of Fun
4.King Ink
5.Release the Bats
6.Rowland Around In That Stuff
7.Sometimes Pleasure Heads Must Burn
10.She’s Hit
11.Bully Bones
12.Six Inch Gold Blade

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