Wild Seeds

Wild Seeds is the second full-length album from Seeker Lover Keeper - beloved Australian indie folk supergroup comprising of Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby. A collection of 12 songs, it is the long awaited follow-up to their 2011 self-titled debut.

Thematically the songs sit together effortlessly, reflecting a shared outlook and lived experience: the nostalgia of youth, the gravity of growing up, the endurance of friendship, and the ever-evolving process of self-realisation. These are both personal narratives and universal stories. There are yearnings for connection and celebrations of solitude; a vivid sense of past and present.

The title track ‘Wild Seeds’ seemed to capture the essence of it all – a woman, once wild, reflecting on her former tumults with a sense of grace and solace. It seemed a fitting title for such an assured record, an album that emboldens Seeker Lover Keeper’s sound with lucidity and strength.

Shipping: $4.95 International: $19.95


  1. Superstar 
  2. Wild Seeds 
  3. Not Only I 
  4. One Way Or Another 
  5. Beautiful Mind 
  6. Let It Out 
  7. Time To Myself 
  8. I'm An Island 
  9. More Women 
  10. Two Dreamers 
  11. Dear Nighttime 
  12. You've Got A Story

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