Lilac Everything; A Project By Emma Louise (White Vinyl)

Ethereal, engrossing, and burning with inventive insight, Emma Louise's new conceptual album, 'Lilac Everything,' is a transformative exploration of the artist's life since the critically acclaimed 'Supercry.'

With Tobias Jesso Jnr at the helm as producer, and Grammy award-winning Shawn Everett on mixing duties, Emma was encouraged to realise a long-held vision for this, her third record...

The results, as illustrated across these 10 new songs, are magical.

Shipping: $12.2 International: $37.95


1. Wish You Well

2. Falling Apart

3. Just The Way I Am

4. Never Making Plans Again

5. Gentleman


1. Shadowman

2. Solitude

3. Mexico

4. A Book Left Open in a Wild Field of Flowers

5. When It Comes To You

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