Clever Disguise

Gordi is 22 year old Sydney-via-Canowindra musician, Sophie Payte, and 'Clever Disguise' is Gordi's expansive and elegant debut EP!

The culmination of Gordi's prolific songwriting and her work with producers Ben McCarthy (Megan Washington), Alex Somers (Sigur Ros) and Francois Tetaz (Gotye), 'Clever Disguise' is ambitious, big pop that doesn't give an inch of artistic concession.

Here, wistful aching and longing can almost feel like a spirited celebration. Gordi's sonic journeys take us to places in our memories and imaginations that belie her 22 years.

Shipping: $12.2 International: $37.95

Side A

1) Nothing’s As It Seems
2) Taken Blame
3) Can We Work It

Side B

4) So Here We Are
5) Wanting
6) Can We Work It Out
(Piano Version Bonus Track)

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