Reservoir: Deeply planting yourself in one reality, or one state of feeling. Other people come and go within that. You survive outside of it. Time moves on regardless.

Such is the sentiment that ripples through 'Reservoir,' the exquisite debut album from Sydney's Sophie Payten, aka Gordi.

Recorded across multiple continents with a range of world-class producers and musicians, Gordi's soulful vocals are complemented by crisp, ethereal production across 11 tracks that delve into the ramifications of loss and time.

Shipping: $9.95 International: $21.95

01. Long Way
02. All The Light We Cannot See
03. On My Side
04. Bitter End
05. Heaven I Know
06. I'm Done (Feat. S. Carey)
07. Myriad
08. Aeon
09. Can We Work It Out
10. Better Than Then, Closer To Now
11. Something Like This

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