Forgetting The Future

'Forgetting The Future' is the explosive sixth record from one of Australia's most cherished and esteemed rock bands, Brisith India!

Recorded with Holy Holy's Oscar Dawson and including lead single "Precious," the album pushes the walls out with trilling guitars, careening rhythms and fleeting hooks that twist into bouldering choruses.

Throughout, acting almost as a conduit in the centre of the electrical storm, lead singer Declan Melia breaths and howls manifestos for a world – and a man – with little certainty for what's to come.

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1. Precious

2. Midnight Homie (My Best Friends)

3. Just Sing Like Everybody Else

4. Take Me With You

5. My Love

6. Kiss Me Again


1. Absolutely Disgusting

2. You're Not The Future

3. I Want To Go Where I Can See The Ocean

4. I Was Looking Back At You To See You Looking Back At Me

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