Dan Sultan (Limited Edition Orange Vinyl)

Limited edition pressing of Dan Sultan's long-awaited, ARIA-winning fifth studio record on Orange vinyl, chronicling the award-winning artist's life-altering journey of the past few years across 11 heartfelt tracks including ‘Won’t Give You That’, ‘Story’ and ‘Wait In Love’ - songs rooted in honesty, coupled with rich, evocative vocals and harmonies, and skilled arrangements. There are moments of sorrow, hard confrontation and reflection, yet there also exists an outpouring of love, humility and grace felt throughout the album. An intensely personal release, Sultan’s first ever self-titled album is a masterful work of art and the ultimate mirror held up to oneself.

Shipping: $15 International: $35


Won’t Give You That

Wait In Love

Ringing In My Ears

Fortress (feat. Julia Jacklin)

Chance To Lose Control

Rise Up

Saint Nor Sinner


Undreamt Shores


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